Welcome to CONEC - konsulterande ekologer (CONEC Consulting)

Established in 1978, CONEC is one of the leading companies in Sweden in the field of ecologic environmental planning. In fact, its beginning was grounded in the first Swedish research project on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Nowadays CONEC is a thriving enterprise with Sonia och Hans-Georg Wallentinus as the business principals. Both are now retired and are therefore not working full time. To reach them, please go to the "Contact Us" link on this page.

Sonia who has primary responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the business, is a biologist and an ecologist, as well as a local Public Health Inspector. As Doctor of Applied Ecology, her PhD dissertation focused on ecological sensitivity within a planning perspective. These days, the main thrust of her work centers on ecological and environmental impact assessments. In addition to CONEC, Sonia has extensive work experience in the academic (university), municipal (local/county government), and private sectors. She is responsible for work with GIS (Geographical Information System) at the company.

Hans-Georg Wallentinus is an ecologist and former head of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Center at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Ultuna, Uppsala. He is still supervising a number of PhD students and is taking part in missions in developing countries. Hans-Georg, one of the founders of CONEC, is one of the leading experts on EIA in Sweden today. He is currently involved in a number of international projects in such places as Vietnam and Nicaragua.

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